Frontside Pop Shove-It

SLS Nine Club veteran Manny Santiago teaches you his secrets to Frontside Pop Shove-Its, and the Dos and Don’ts, to get this foundation trick to learning flip tricks. Dialing in this trick helps you gain board control of combining your Ollie with the basics of flicking your board and catching it. Manny shows you the dynamics to your foot placement and the pop-scoop, making it easier for you to flick and catch, so you get this trick on lock. Once you’re landing them consistently, he shows you how to add some style to personalize your Front Shove.


This video is brought to you in partnership with Stomp Sessions, which provides learning tools to improve your skate skills with Chris Cole, Amelia Brodka and Manny Santiago, including pro tutorial videos, digital coaching, and DIY learning tools. Learn more about their 30+ lessons in TransWorld SKATEboarding’s How To section or at Stomp Sessions.


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