Three stills and five sequences in under 40 minutes¿it’s a new world record!by Ryan Gee

Every time I look through a skate magazine, I wonder how long it took someone to land a trick. I know it doesn’t really matter, though, because these days it takes a lot of skill and determination to dish out tricks. Sometimes it can take up to two or three days to roll away from something, but I got the idea to do this little article after seeing Tosh Townend crooked grind a twelve-stair rail, first try.

I thought it would be interesting to record the amount of time it took to pull each trick. The time (38:03) is the grand total it took to land all the photos in this article¿I started the clock when they first tried a trick and stopped it when they pulled it. I didn’t tell them what I was doing, I just kept it to myself.

Thirty-eight minutes, three seconds is how long it took to get three stills and five sequences of Tosh Townend and Arto Saari¿I’ve never accumulated this many photos in such a short period of time (not of street skating), and I just wanted to share this with you, the readers.

Day Oneo Tosh, crooked grind on a twelve-stair rail, first try. (:01)

Day Twoo Arto, switch frontside 180 kickflip down nine stairs, twice. (7:00)o Tosh, five-0 on a big thirteen-stair rail, first try. (:02)

Day Threeo Arto, frontside boardslide on a thirteen-stair rail with five feet of pushing room. (5:00)o Tosh, kickflip down thirteen stairs. (6:00)

Day fouro Arto, backside 180 heelflip down a rock gap. (10:00)o Arto, bluntslide on a twelve-stair rail. (10:00)