1,000 to 1

A dozen amateur skateboarders answer questions about living the dream.

What are you willing to do to be a known skateboarder?

Are you willing to have multiple knee surgeries? Would you drop out of college? How about high school? Will you leave your family? Your friends? Your girlfriend? Will you sleep on a dirty couch? For two years? Would you move to a foreign country full of people who scream in the streets? Would you submit to a strip search by U.S. Customs agents with cold hands? Are you prepared to skip meals? Would you willingly have your successes and failures monitored, recorded, and scrutinized? Would you sprain each ankle? Five times? Ten? Are you ready to gamble with your future? How about if the odds are ten to one against you?

What if they’re 1,000 to one?

The following are short interviews with a dozen people who’ve put their futures where their mouths are. And while each finds himself in a different stage of the journey to knowndom, as a collective they share one common trait: somewhere, at some time, on someone’s advice they decided to pursue their dream-a career as a skateboarder. They’ve forsaken the beaten path-high school, college, job, 401K, marriage, kids, retirement, golf, death (not necessarily in that order)-for an opportunity to make skateboarding their livelihood.

And the odds are against them.