20 Questions Jake Nunn

1. If you could resurrect one spot, what would it be?

Jeff Phillips' old skatepark.

2. What's your biggest pet peeve when traveling?

When I have to drive at night or in traffic on an interstate.

3. Retro dance club or emo dive bar?

Anywhere that has quality music and cheap bottles.

4. Lower East Side art gallery or death-metal mullet-fest?

My house, sound asleep.

5. Long socks or ankle socks?

Gotta have the shorties for good circulation.

6. Have you ever done a flip in-flip out trick?

Only frontside pressure flip 50-50 to late back-foot flip.

7. What was the first skate photo put up on your wall?

A Cab poster of a fronside bone on an asphalt hip.

8. Dog flip, slash 'n' roll, or a Bertleman?

Bert to switch slash, and roll away like a rock star.

9. Thoughts prior to stunts?

Bolts, bolts, bolts.

10. Ever landed a Texas shocker?

Not yet, but after a little backside practice, it should come pretty easy.

11. Fight in Afghanistan, early-grab Wallenberg, do the loop, or be Ear's intern?

That's a tough one, but I'd have to go with the early grab. That's probably my best chance for surviving unscathed.

12. Best Rodzilla quote?

Giapers (jye-pers).

13. Best Willie D. quote?

“If your motherf–kin' foot fits the shoe, then I'm Willie D. and I came to say f–k you!”

14. Who's your favorite character on The Simpsons?

Ralph Wiggum.

15. Beer of choice?

Lone Star when I'm home, Duvel when I feel like celebrating.

16. Which would be a better board-sales booster for you right now: cornrows or a man bun?

Personally, I'm a big fan of the good ol' Kentucky waterfall.

17. What's the deal with you brushing your teeth before you skate?

That's usually the signal that I'm ready to start the day. It means that I've had my coffee, breakfast, and triple “s.”

18. Best Pancho story?

Anytime I see him at the spendy club.

19. Best Danny Fuenzalida story?

Anytime after he's had a Vega, he starts rambling nonstop about nothing in particular.

20. How do you feel about switch-stance Smith grinds down rails and backward T-shirt logos?

That's about as good as knowing and living with James Kelch, which is about as true as the words of a habitual liar.