2002 Vans Triple Crown FinalsOceanside, California

2002 Vans Triple Crown Finals
Oceanside, California

Almost twenty years after Oceanside, California hosted its first professional contest, 1986’s Oceanside Street Attack, the Vans Triple Crown extravaganza descended on the historic beachfront amphitheater for the final stop in its tri-city series. O.S.A., held only for two years (’86 and ’87), was the setting for what would later be recognized as the definitive stage in street skating. At a time when ollieing up a curb was a huge deal, Mark Gonzales backside truck stalled on a bench, and Mike V. nosepicked the wood backrest on the same bench, while Natas Kaupas did the unthinkable, the incomprehensible, the seemingly impossible, by lapping a boardslide on the four-stair blue handrail next to the stage. Absolutely mind-blowing. The limited number of obstacles on the course-considered bare by today’s street-contest standards-was a catalyst for creativity. Streetplants and jump ramps were the norm-Christian Hosoi blasted huge method airs off the launch ramp, and Rodney Mullen was mesmerizing with his yo-yo plants. The funny thing about the contest was if you were caught skating outside the Oceanside Pier Amphitheater the local law would issue citations. Just ask our fearless leader Dave Swift what happened when he skated on the perimeter of the contest. He’ll tell you a story about how he was apprehended, cuffed, and shown the inside of a police cruiser. Some things will never change.-E.S.

Men’s Street
1. Chris Senn
2. Rodil de Araujo Jr.
3. Austen Seaholm
Men’s Vert
1. Bob Burnquist
2. Andy Macdonald
3. Bucky Lasek
Men’s Bowl
1. Omar Hassan
2. Chris Gentry
3. Brain Patch
Men’s Masters Bowl
1. Mike McGill
2. Tony Magnusson
3. Eddie “El Gato” Elguera
Women’s Street
1. Amy Caron
2. Jaime Reyes
3. Lauren Perkins
Women’s Bowl
1. Cara-Beth Burnside
2. Jen O’Brien
3. Jessica Starkweather