Adrenalin & Goodtimes Tour

Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Holland. Jaya Bonderov, Joe Pino, Justin Strubing, Jon Miner, and Hans Classens.

Picture a European vacation. Clark Griswald, right? A cheesy American family trying to flow with a culture far from what is familiar. Sounds like a terrible vacation.

Now picture yourself and your skateboard. It’s comfortable, familiar, and it’s “you.” You can just roll around and you don’t have to act fake.

Skateboarding is an international language amongst skateboarders. It’s real. No communication barriers. I feel very lucky to have experienced Europe for the first time while riding a skateboard.

Here’s a random story about crossing the boarder in Czech Republic: After leaving the Eastern countries, the boarder patrol can be very strict. The police searched the van. Justin Strubing had four pairs of shoes, and the police couldn’t understand why on Earth anyone would travel with four pairs of shoes. Justin did a few ollies to illustrate how easily shoes are worn through. One of the patrolmen challenged Justin to a set of five stairs with a sketchy mettle grate landing. Feeling the pressure of eight patrol officers, Justin (just out of the van and traveling for four hours) sketchily made the ollie. The officers laughed and clapped, and we were allowed to pass without any further search. Definitely a classic scene.

Thanks to Alex in Austria; Luke Joe Marks in Belgium; Richie in Hamburg, Germany; Rolly and the Worriers in Switzerland; Hans and Mr. and Mrs. Classens; Dennis in Germany; Ellio in Holland; and anyone else along the way. – Jon Minor