Alex “Train Wreck” Gall

Tell me about the nickname¿did you really get hit by a train?

Yeah, when I was a kid.

How did that happen?

Playing around on the tracks, jumping off the trestles of this bridge in Carlsbad. We used to just jump off it when we were kids and shit. I was jumping off of it one day, and I waited too long¿we used to wait for the train to go by and jump. The train sucked me back when I jumped. I pretty much just jumped arm-first into the train, it hit my arm and sent me flying into the dirt, and I woke up in the hospital.

Holy shit!

Yeah, like, I woke up in the hospital with surgery done and everything.

You’re lucky to be alive.


How long have you been sponsored?

Uh, for like a year and a half now. Something like that.

Tell me who your sponsors are.

Zero, Zero wheels, XYZ clothing, Apollo backpacks, and Active Ride Shop.

And how did you get hooked up with XYZ?

Through Danny Way and people I grew up skating with in Carlsbad. Like, Danny hooked me up, and that was pretty much it.

You think it’s been an advantage to grow up around the industry?

Maybe, I guess. Maybe not, though, ’cause you still gotta skate and do your stuff. But, yeah, it does make it a little bit easier.

Do you think being sponsored helps your skateboarding?

Yeah, it definitely makes you progress. If you’re amped on your sponsors, then you’re definitely gonna go bigger and do better shit.

Is that kind of the motivation?

Yeah, pretty much.

Do you think you’ll turn pro?

Yeah, I’m planning on it, hopefully.

Have you talked to Jamie Thomas and those guys about it?

Yeah. They’re just like, “Next year, Christmastime or sometime around then.” I don’t know. So, not for a while.

What does it take to get to that level?

Not slowing down. F¿king full-speed ahead.

Is Jamie a good motivator for that kind of stuff?

Oh, f¿k yeah! Definitely.

Does he push you?

F¿k yeah! Laughs A lot more than that.

Who do you skate with?

My friend Jay Thorpe … that’s about it, man. I’ll skate with anybody around here, but nobody ever skates anymore.

What’s that all about?

I don’t know, dude. Everybody’s just over skating. All my friends have stopped skating, so I skate with my friend Jay, he skates for Darkstar and shit. And if I’m not skating with him, I’m pretty much f¿king not skating, like waiting to go on tour or something.

Does Jamie ever come up to skate?

Yeah, he’s in Florida right now for that Tampa Pro, but usually that’s how I get most of my shit done, anyways. I go with Jamie everywhere.

Are there tricks that come easier for you when you skate?

Not really, dude. I don’t know. I don’t think they really come easy. Practice makes ’em easy, I guess.

Do you pick something and work on it a lot, or do you just go with it?

I just kind of go with it and skate whatever I’m gonna skate and do whatever I’m gonna do. I learn shit as it comes.

Is there more pressure being sponsored than there was before?

Yeah, I think there’s a lot more pressure now, ’cause there’s so many people and so many companies coming out now. It’s crazy how people just get sponsored and … I don’t know, it’s just weird now.

Do you think there’ll be more pressure when you turn pro?

Uh, probably, yeah. Maybe.

How do you think being pro will be different from what’s going on now?

More competition and stuff¿all the pros that’ve been pro for this whole time, plus everybody who’s gonna be turning pro.

Are you into skating contests?

Not really, I’ve never been really into that stuff. I gotta do it, but I’m not really into it. It’s just too crazy¿too hectic.

What about touring?

Yeah, I’m down for going on tour and stuff. But I don’t fly! Laughs.

Why not?

I used to fly a lot, but I just had to lay off the planes for a little while, ’cause of all the crashes going down and shit.

Do you ever take trains?

Yeah, trains, whatever … buses.

Do you havee any advice for kids who are obsessed with getting sponsored?

F¿kin’ relax.