Am Photographer

Am Photographer

by Grant Brittain

Dear Mr. J. Grant Brittain,

I am an avid, up-and-coming photographer. I’ve been shooting extreme sports for seven months and am interested in shooting for TransWorld. How much would I make if I accepted a job as a senior photographer? I have access to my mom’s equipment on Saturdays¿a Canon Rebel with a wide-angle conversion lens and a Kiev 1200mm telephoto (my Uncle Lou calls it a “commie lens”). I plan to buy a setup of my own with the money I’m earning at the Ear Candle Reclamation Center here in Gila Bend, Arizona.

I am a badassed photographer. My photo teacher, Mrs. Pleebner at John McCain High School, put me in charge of the school paper The Lizard Breath. I plan on sending you some photos of my friends who skateboard and Rollerblade. They rip! The cops here suck; they hassle us for no reason. We didn’t mean to hurt that pig! I will be sending you the photos via the Interneck, you know, the Worldwide Web boyeee?! Grant, get ready to receive my photos, ’cause they are the freakin’ bomb, baby!

Extremely yours,K. Rupert Schlem

This is the typical letter I get from “avid, up-and-comingphotographers.” Let us be the judge of whether you are “up and coming” after we see your photographs. From what we’ve seen, only about one in a hundred of the self-proclaimed “up-and-coming” photographers actually measure up. It takes more than just a new camera and a few rolls under your belt to be ready for the “big league” skate mags. You need to pay some dues and work hard. It might take years to break in. All of the main skate photogs put a lot of sweat and dedication into it.

This little piece here is a small selection of one of those hundred “up and comers”¿Andrej Tur of Philadelphia, a dues payer, dedicated to the craft, the art of skateboard photography. Not only did Andrej learn to take skate photos, he’s abandoned the 35mm SLR and has opted to shoot with the king of cameras¿the Hasselblad 2 1/4. Slower and harder to control than its little 35 mm cousin, the Blad uses a larger film format and gives you a square image and higher resolution.

Andrej has set himself in front of the rest of the amateur pack. You have to be as good as him to get in any of the mags. So, study his photos, check out his style, and learn.