Andy Howell Brainfloss

I met Andy in the summer of 1991. He was one of my favorite pros and by far one of my favorite artists, so you can imagine how nervous I was to meet him. I thought he’d be full of himself because he’s so on top of his game, but he proved me wrong. From the first time we hung out, he was one of the most down-to-earth people I’d ever met. We soon became close friends, and I got to see he was much more creative than I’d ever imagined. – Jose Gomez, co-creator of Rhythm skateboards and Adio shoes

“Since the start, style and sophistication has set the approach for all of Andy’s angles.” – Victor Chu, designer of Tommy Jeans and Polo Jeans, East Coast correspondent for Sputnik Communications

“Andy is one of the most eccentric artists of our generation. His ability to take street elements and personify that realism through animation is incredible.” – Dallas Austin, Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter

“Andy Howell is an imaginative and creative person. He made an impact on skateboarding with the stylish use of his abilities. Then a few years later, he put his artistic abilities to use as the creative partner in New Deal skateboards. There he put his creativity into skateboards, T-shirts, advertising, videos, et cetera.” – Paul Schmitt , master skateboard builder, owner of New Deal skateboards, PS Stix manufacturing, 411 Video Magazine, and Element skateboards

“Andy puts a different spin on everything, gives things another dimension and a new perspective. He uses all sorts of elements from pop and skating culture to come up with intelligent, creative ideas.” – Camara Alford, president of UOMO Entertainment, International VP of Rowdy Records