Another Roadside Attraction By Jody Morris


Another Roadside Attraction By Jody Morris

The whole idea was simply to break from the norm, to skate stuff we don’t see on a daily basis. Getting out of town and exploring other cities and spots has a way of refreshing things. We went on a similar trip last summer and skated a lot of top-quality spots. We decided to revisit those spots, and perhaps find some new stuff. Generally, just have a good time. The difference this trip was that there was no set schedule. Simply a group of friends in a van exploring the open roads, visiting friends in other cities, and doing what they would’ve done at home anyway. The Cast

Syd Clark

Syd works full time as the manager for RD’s Skate Supply in Vancouver, so he always welcomes the chance to take a little time off and hit the road.

Arto Saari

Every year at the European contests, there’re a large number of kids entered who simply don’t have the level of skill needed to enter a pro contest – especially ones of this magnitude. Occasionally there’s an exception, someone who comes literally out of nowhere, much to the astonishment of all in attendance. This year, Arto Saari, a sixteen year old from Finland, was that exception.

On Arto’s first trip away from home (let alone at his first pro contest) he skated at a level that made everyone sit up and take notice. After taking fifth in Switzerland and second in Münster, Arto chose to remain am and put in his time. In the days when people turn pro without coming close to having the skills, Arto has them, and that makes him a welcome addition to the skate world.

With his summer going so well for him, we thought we’d invite him to join us on our trip and add Canada to his list of new places he’s seen. Arto has one thing on his mind at all times, and that is skateboarding. When the skate day was over, he wanted nothing more than to simply go to bed, so he could wake up the next day and skate more. Whatever the rest of us had planned, if it wasn’t skating, he wanted no part of it.

Moses Itkonen

The large distances between cities in Canada make road trips very long. So in order to break it up a little, we scheduled some demos. Now, some skaters can skate demos proficiently and some can’t. Moses can. In fact, he might seriously enjoy them, sort of a masochistic-type thing. He could be struggling with the basics of walking after a bad fall the day before, but come demo time, he was always ready to rock. When everyone was too tired to continue, Moses would device some type of demo closer and execute the finale. Some of the towns we stopped in never had a demo, so to see pros who actually gave it their all was definitely something the kids were excited about.

Paul Machnau

Paul lives in a small town in the B.C. interior called Cranbrook, yet when you see him skate, you’d assume he comes from a large skate metropolis. The fact that he developed his skills living in a town with next to nothing to skate shows if you’re really into something, you can pull it off no matter where you live. It’s for this reason we asked Paul to come with us. If he can skate that well on stuff he sees on a regular basis, then a chance to skate a whole new batch of stuff would be more than an acceptable experience.

Rick McCrank

There are people who can skate anything, anywhere, anytime, and do it better than you’d think possible. For this reason, Rick is always a good person to have along on a trip. If you’re in need of entertainment, then you can unleash the McCrank, sit back, and watch. Like Moses, Rick’s a one-man demo machine, with his ability to do more tricks in one line than most people do in a whole demo. The same applies to his street skating, or park skating, or ramp skating; you get the picture, don’t you?

Ben Nichol

Ever run into the kind of people who, no matter where they are, they’d rather go somewhere else, no matter what they’re doing, they want to do something else? Well,, Ben is about as opposite of that equation as one can get. Anything’s fine with Ben. That’s not to say he has no opinion about what’s going on, it’s just that he’s the type of guy who can find something enjoyable in almost any situation. Plus, he can skate real damn good, too. This makes for another excellent type of road companion – always ready and into anything.

This story isn’t about where we went or what we did, it’s about the fact that you can go on a trip just for the sake of it. You know it’ll be fun before you even leave because you’ve surrounded yourself with friends who are along for the same reason – to enjoy themselves. Put this magazine down, call some friends, and go on your own trip.