Any 1 Thing

Playing The Percentages

The Players:
Brian AndersonCaswell BerryEric KostonCairo FosterEthan Fowler

The Percentages:

Did you give up doing anything when you first became obsessed with skateboarding?
100% Yes 0% No “I gave up playing with G.I. Joes and Transformers, and I regret it every day. Do you know how much those things are worth now on eBay?”-Eric Koston “I gave up BMX racing, thank god.”-Caswell Berry “All my allowance money. I gave up focusing on schoolwork, and to make up for it, I’m now reading like a madman for the first time in my life. I gave up a lot of hide-and-seek games, and I stopped playing guitar, but still watched Scooby Doo and a healthy dose of MTV every day at the age of twelve or so.”-Brian Anderson “I gave up my aspirations to be a successful person, which really isn’t all that bad, considering I’m lucky enough to have been able to follow my dreams. I’m happy my life went this way, because ‘what ifs’ are one of the worst things in life.”-Cairo Foster

Are you still learning about skateboarding?
100% Yes 0% No “I will be learning until the day I can’t skate anymore.”-Caswell Berry “Of course. I see videos and magazines-good and bad. I still watch the way people do tricks so I can try to ‘learn them,’ too-sometimes.”-Brian Anderson “I’m still learning more and more about skateboarding as a business, which isn’t too fun. Just concern yourself with skating, really. That’s better for your soul.”-Cairo Foster “How to stay afloat in a raging sea with nothing but a skiff.”-Ethan Fowler

Have you ever tried to emulate somebody’s style?
30% Yes 70% No “Yes, my brother and Mark Gonzales. Those were the first two skaters I looked up to when I started skating. They both had a good ollie, so that was the first thing I had to learn.”-Eric Koston “I’ve tried and failed, and then I realized that style isn’t learned-it’s adapted over a long period of time.”-Caswell Berry “Well, I wouldn’t say emulate, but I definitely try to use people’s techniques. I wanted to backside Smith-grind this pretty big rail, but I’ve never done such before. So I rode toward the rail while thinking of Cardiel. He has this way of holding his arms down and out-with his fingertips pointed up. That stance made me feel more comfortable about slamming. Right on, Brody!”-Brian Anderson “No, I knew I just looked too weird to do it.”-Ethan Fowler

Do you know the difference between being quiet and not talking?
60% Yes 40% No “One thing I do know is that I’m good at both.”-Eric Koston “I talk too much and I’m loud, so I suck at both of those.”-Caswell Berry “I learned it in the school of life and also on tour in a small van with lots of different people inside it.”-Brian Anderson “If you’re not talking, you’re simply not making any noise outta your mouth, which may or may not be for the better-depending on who you are and who you’re around. On the other hand, I imagine being quiet as a person who simply stays in the background of a conversation, choosing not to interject his two cents at any moment, only to say something that’s relevant at the right moment. I prefer a little of both in a person. There’s a time to be quiet, and there’s a time to just shut up. I think I’ll shut up, too.”-Cairo Foster “Why talk about the weather when you know you don’t give a rat’s ass?”-Ethan Fowler