Arcade Premiere

Arcade Premiere

Video premieres can sometimes bring about violence, chaos, or even both with the presence of alcohol. However, you never really expect to encounter the above on the way to the venue.

En route to the San Diego premiere Gumbo, the passengers of my vehicle and I almost fell victim to road rage. The chaos started when a minivan full of vatos made a U-turn across the center divider and crossed two lanes of traffic. The encroaching vehicle came up aggressively on the side of my car, with one of the lunatics hanging out the window waving a knife. My instincts instantly told me that this was a serious situation, so with a couple quick maneuvers, we managed to ditch the minivan bandits.

Upon our arrival at Margarita Rocks in Pacific Beach, my nerves were pretty much shot. But after a tall pint of Guinness and some conversation with friends, my nerves were back and I was ready to watch the debut production from Arcade. Gumbo was 30 minutes of pure skating by the entire team, accompanied by musical styles ranging from 2-Pac to Jefferson Airplane. There were some standout parts from tech master Malcom Watson, rail destroyer Daniel Haney, rookie pro Pontus Alv, and the effortless skating ablilities of Steve Hernandez and Tyler Moore.

After the video ended, focus was directed on the dance floor. Tyrone and OJ began a breakdance battle amongst the others trying to boogie to the beats.

With the premiere over and an exciting night under our belts, we decided it was time to head home, keeping a sharp eye out for mini vans.¿Eric Sentianin