Being a Strugglin’ Am

by Judd Hertzler

I always wonder, “At what point do people stop pursuing skateboarding as a profession?” We all know people who just kill it but don’t have that extra little something to push them to the next level. Nowadays, I guess they call it determination, but that word is so played out, it’s almost disgusting. So what is it that makes individuals miss out on the limelight of skateboarding? Do they find themselves in terrible situations with a bunch of creeps and just want out? Does the whole business/industry side piss them off? Are they not “sellable” enough? Are they not seen with enough progressive, cutting-edge skaters? Do they get sick of destroying their bodies?

What exactly is it?

It should come down to pure skills, shouldn’t it?

Oh no, kiddies, these days it’s a lot more than just that. You’ve got to have an image, hang out with the “in” guys, have determination, play it cool, and … oh yeah, have skills.

So I want to dedicate this to the Jed Walters, Jon McGraths, Paul Tootells, Joe Sierros, Dan Paterkas, and Jarred Scholls of the world … Boy, it’s great being a strugglin’ am!