Best Overall: Heath Kirchart

Best OverallHeath Kirchartby Dave Swift The ability to skate several terrains isn’t totally unheard of. In truth, most professional skateboarders are proficient in more than one area of street, vert, mini, pool, or ditch skating. But it’s rare to find someone who excels in all aspects of skateboarding. Names that come to mind are Bob Burnquist, Danny Way, and Colin McKay. They’ve spent the majority of the 90s making things like sixteen-foot-tall vert ramps, rails with dirt landings, and seawall drop-ins look fun. And in the process they’ve managed to avoid being labeled a vert, or street, or pool skater. They’re simply skateboarders.

Heath Kirchart’s name can be added to that short yet prestigious list. But Heath does it with a twist, adding a new category to the list of terrains¿contests. Placing in the top five of nearly every street and vert contest of 1999, Heath’s mug dominated many ESPN X-Games broadcasts, helping make him the riders’ favorite for the category of Best Overall.

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