Best Style: Peter Smolik

Of all the categories in the Readers’ Poll, Best Style got the biggest variety of responses. From Steve Caballero to Kareem Campbell, the votes seemed to be spread as thinly as they were even. With one massive exception–Peter Smolik–who got roughly half the total votes for Best Style. Technical skateboarding and the controlled chaos of his body movements combined with a stand-out part in Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream gave Peter an easy victory in the category.

TWS: Who do you think has the best style in skateboarding–past, present, and future?

Peter: Jason Lee had the best style back in the day.

What about now? There’re so many people, dude. I like Gino Iannucci’s style–that boy’s sty–

What do you like about Gino’s style? It’s just nice and smooth. He executes his tricks perfectly.

Is it the tricks he does more than the way he does them, or would you say it’s the way he does them? I don’t know. The way people create their tricks, the way they choose their tricks–that’s what creates their style.

What about for the future, amateurs coming up? Little B Brandon Turner has a tight style. It kinda reminds me of my own.

When you were younger did you ever try to copy anyone’s style, like Jason Lee’s? Maybe a little of Matt Hensley’s flavor. He skated sick as f–k. I liked his style back in the day; he was the hardcore street skater.

Do people recognize you when you go skating with the homies? Yeah, it’s crazy. They’ll see me and get all stoked.

Do they ask you for autographs? Yeah, they ask me. It’s cool, but sometimes when you start to get all warmed into some skate sesh, and all these little kids come up, you don’t want to dis them, but then again, you want to go skating. You want to get the trick over with instead of sitting there talking.

Have you ever been mobbed by people wanting autographs? Yeah, all these little kids come to my house. They figured out where I live and started bum-rushing my house, and my landlord got all mad. It was funny. She was like, “Why you got all these little kids coming to the pad?”

Is there anything you miss about being someone no one knows? When I skate, people automatically expect me to bust out. It would be cool if I could go to a spot and just skate, and people wouldn’t expect so much from me. You know what I mean? I’m just trying to skate to have fun. But, all in all, it’s cool.

What direction do you think skateboarding is headed right now? The craziest direction it can. It’s taking over the world right now; that’s the fun shit about it.

How have things been going with the shoe business? Cool.

Is that your shoe you’re wearing? This is the prototype. Peter has a pro-model shoe with Osiris.

Are you psyched to be getting in on that whole deal? Hell yeah, because then I don’t have to put on shoes that don’t fit comfortably. I tried to design some fast-action shoes I can go out and skate in all day.

And how’s the crib? How’s living on your own? Fun. I can do whatever I want–wake up at three in the afternoon, then hook up a film sesh at eleven at night with the generators, but we still get our work done.

That’s what matters. Yep.