Boulder Gets Theirs

After four and a half years of perpetual city-council meetings, the skaters of Boulder, Colorado finally got theirs. The new Boulder Skatepark celebrated its grand opening on November 18, 2000 replacing the antiquated steel-ramp park that had been in place since the summer of 1993. The new park is a concrete, free, Site Design Group masterpiece.

For the last couple of years, we’ve watched amazing skateparks mushroom in obscure mountain communities, while we anxiously waited for the park and rec board members to get serious and allocate us some money for our cause. Month after month of city-council meetings came and went¿usually ending in frustration due to the bureaucratic nightmare that cities use to finalize who gets what and when.

Well, the wait was worth it. Get off the couch, get involved with your city, get on the skatepark committee, or form your own. Use the Internet to see who builds the best parks and make sure they build yours. It’s really easy to build a crappy park, but with a little dedication, we can get great parks built in every city in the country. Questions? E-mail me at¿Keith Eric Davidosn