Brain Floss — Andy Warde

Andy Warde

Wearing someone else’s shoes for a day is impossible-well, not really. But becoming them for a day is. I think wearing Andy’s size eights for a day would not only be uncomfortable (because his feet are much smaller than mine), but interesting as well, because he’s a strange character-but aren’t we all. Most of all, I’d like to know how he creates these images in his head and translates them to canvas. Where do such ideas come from?

I first met Andy back in 1991-P.E. class. Mrs. Swanson was our teacher. Skateboarding and listening to punk-rock music such as Minor Threat and 411 were a favorite pastime of ours. So we became good friends and even better friends in time, hanging out nearly every day.

In high school, Andy picked up a paintbrush and took a couple of painting classes. This would be the start of something great. With only a little instruction, Andy would go off and teach himself, and with lots of practice, Andy produced many pieces-progressing with each one.

I like to see people’s reactions when they first meet Andy and see his paintings for the first time. A typical response is, “Wow, you did this?” And Andy will mumble something along the lines of, “Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t really like that one,” as most artists do. But when you first meet him, you don’t understand his mumbling lingo. Staring off into his painting, the onlooker usually doesn’t even realize that Andy said something.

I feel lucky to have made such a good friend. If you dig what you see, check him out at And maybe he can be your friend, too.-Kyle Leeper