Brain Floss – Jesse Hotchkiss

Every once in a while in this life you meet those people who are naturals-meaning that the things in life they excel at they take to very naturally, almost as if it were second nature. Usually people who are naturals in one or two facets of their lives are extremely lucky, but occasionally you meet someone who happens to be gifted in numerous areas in their life. These are the folks who’re truly special.

Jesse Hotchkiss is one of these gifted individuals. He has a second-nature style when it comes to riding his skateboard and doing the crazy tricks. You’ve probably seen him somewhere at some time doing his thing, and maybe you agree with me that the dude has some natural talent. The thing is he’s also a very gifted artist and illustrator. His paintings and drawings come directly from the heart, and that’s part of why they’re so easy to enjoy.

But I think his greatest gift is just being an all-around good dude to shoot the shit with-a quality all too rare these days. I think we could all use a few more people in our lives with big hearts, pure intentions, and natural talent. I’m pretty much a fan of Jesse’s and have been for a while.

Jesse would like to thank his sponsors: Element skateboards; Satori Movement wheels; and DVS flow; and his friends Johnny Schillereff, Ryan Kingman, Ryan DeWitt, 510 skate shop, Juvee skate shop, Richard Hart, Matt Irving, Fecal Face dot com, The Almighty Silly Pink Bunnies, Isaac McKay Randozzi, Frank Brown, Dave Metty, Brad K. Alder, Trevor Prescott, Garriden Brown, Sam Flores, Mike Giant, Grey, Max Ernst, Egon Schiele, Keith Haring, his ladyfriend Tracy, Craig Nejedly, Lucian Moon and the Satori family worldwide; and, most importantly, the planet whose surface welcomes our wheels daily.-Jeremy Fish