Brandon Biebel

Brandon Biebel

Interview by Crafty Bernardo

How’s the skate scene in Sacto?

It’s really good right now, I’m really psyched. There’s a lot good stuff, like spots that you can skate whenever, day or night.

Who do you skate with?

I usually skate with Stefan Janoski and other friends I grew up with. It’s different every day, depending on where we decide to skate.

How did you get hooked up with your sponsors?

I had some footy on tape, and Richard Angelides saw it and reviewed it with the rest of the Expedition One team. They liked what they saw, I got some boards, and everything has worked out.

Do you live on your own?

Yeah. I just got a townhouse in downtown Sac with some friends; it’s perfect.

Do you ever get hounded for product from kids who know you’re sponsored?

No, not really. People have asked before, but it’s very rarely. Some kid will be like, “Hey you get free stuff, can I get something?” If I have like an old board or somethin’, I’ll give it to him.

Who do you think is going to come up and be a pro skateboarder?

Jeff Lenoce, Mark Appleyard, Anthony Poppalardo, and Brian Wenning.

Think you’ll turn pro? Possibly, I mean, I would like to someday, if I were at that point.

Do you feel any pressure to produce as an am?

Not really. There is hardly any pressure. The only thing is when you have to get footy or photos and you’re hurt, the weather is bad, or there’s no one to film and you have a deadline to meet.

How many toes does a three toed sloth have?


Wrong, twelve. Anything you want to add?

Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.