Brian Anderson Interview

by Dave Swift

Blessed. This year’s Street Riders’ Poll Winner Brian Anderson could care less about the accolades and praise he has received in the last couple of years. It seems that without much effort, he accomplishes so much. Brian is truly a gifted skateboarder.

The baby. The youngest of fourteen. Free to experience. Knowledge of several generations. History.

Big guy. When he stands straight up, Brian’s well over the six-foot mark. Clap your hands if you like the tall guy.

Style and power. Gooder than good. Sweeter than sugar.

East or West, it doesn’t matter. Brian’s lived on both coasts and experienced everything in between and beyond. Born in New London, Connecticut; brought up in Groton; and now living in San Francisco.

The champ. Brian’s not considered a contest skater, yet in back- to-back years, he won the most prestigious street event¿the Münster Monster Mastership. Both years he was the obvious winner.

Touring machine. Criss-crossing the States and representing his sponsors. No one does it better.

Stress. He handles it better than most. Living out of a bag for eight months a year can’t be easy, but so far Brian’s maintained his mild-mannered approach to life. Smile.

Glamour boy. Brian’s not about hype. You won’t see him jumping on the latest fashion bandwagon just to stand out. He lets his skating do the talking.

Respect. He gives plenty to the people he associates with, and receives his fair share in return. Unanimously voted best street shredder for 1999 by the toughest critics in all of skateboarding¿his professional peers.