Brian Wenning

Interview by Shad

Where you at right now?

Philly. I just moved out of my mom’s house, we live in Josh’s Kalis old place. It’s like, Me, Rob Pluhowski, and Tim O’Connor.

So you have a place in the city you stay at?

Yeah, the house is nice except for the fact that my room has no heat, I sleep with a hooded sweatshirt on and in two sleeping bags. We skate like a mile to Love every day and the day starts there.

Is that like the chillin’ pad?

Well, right now Kenny Reed, Cairo Foster, and Fred Gall are staying here for a little while. And my friends from Jersey come down and stay for the weekend once in a while. The place is fun ’cause there’s no one here to tell you what to do.

I heard you and your boys get up at like eight in the morning to go skate, or something crazy like that?

Yeah, me and Anthony Poppalardo would meet each other at the Hoboken ledges in NJ. We would practically race each other there to see who could get there first, always trying to see who could learn more new tricks.

How’s the whole scene at Love?

Ah man, today me and Fred got tickets. We were sitting across the street watched a cop go into Love and chase kids around the park. The next thing I know a guy grabs our boards, pulls out a badge, and that’s it. Oh yeah, I know kids who gave fake names and somehow the tickets still showed up at their house, which is crazy.

So those Love Park undercover cops just lurk?

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy, but we know what they look like.

Hey, what’s the status on that Alien video?

Oh, we got a deadline of May first.

Is it going to be ill?

It’s definitely going to be a fun video to watch. I’m trying to get some stunts; I already got the lines. We gotta get some thunder gaps and shit.

How did you get hooked up with your sponsors?

I was just skating in New York and the Alien team manager guy was there, he told me he was gonna send me boards and shit and I was just like, whatever. I didn’t even care, then I just came home one night and there was Alien Workshop box there. I was like scared to wear the shit, I figured he might be expecting something.

Who are your sponsors?

Habitat and DC.

What do you think is more important, being able to do a bunch of tricks or good style?

Style is definitely more important in skateboarding. For instance, I see Gino Iannucci do a frontside noseslide and I’ll rewind it a few times just because of the way it looks.

So you’d rather see people flow.

Yeah, but you notice how all these people try to make themselves have good style?You mean do the dope dance.

Yeah, it’s just not working.

Who do you think is going to come up, who’s going to turn pro?

Definitely Anthony Poppalardo. Definitely him because I skate with him every day, I see him doing better shit than everyone else. There’s this kid Tony Montgomery, I think he’s on Girl flow, he does some sick shit. Also, Tim Achille, and obviously Danny Garcia, Danny is better than every amateur there is right now, he should be pro.

Do you ever get hounded for product by kids?

Oh yeah. Like all your friends. I got this whole little clan I skate with at home, all these little kids¿they all got Alien and Habitat. A kid breaks a board, I’ll just give ’em a board or sell ’em shoes for cheap. Everywhere out here is all Alien shit. When the video comes out it’s probably going to get crazier.

Do you think you’ll turn pro?

I don’t know.

Just see how it goes or what?

Yeah. Because some days you have bad days and you think you shouldn’t even be sponsored. But it’s good now because I can concentrate on my skating and Habitat treats me better than any other company.