Budget Wreck

TransWorld photographer Ryan Gee and Alien Workshop-pro Josh Kalis almost had a near-fatal – maybe-see-you-in-another-world – accident in Philadelphia on December 17 at about 11:00 p.m. They’d just shot some photos, and Josh was driving Gee home when he lost control as he rounded a corner, fishtailed, and then crashed into a parked piece-of-junk van. Both of them had neglected to obey that damn seatbelt law, but luckily airbags saved them from flying through the windshield – just minor bangs to head from smashing against the side of the car. Gee said the airbags had a “nasty smell, like rotten eggs.” But smelly or not, they lived, and were scared shitless for a night.

Josh has 7,000-dollars worth of damage to his ’95 Honda Civic; if you want to make a donation to Save The Honda Fund – buy his deck.