Cairo Foster Good Stuff

Listening to “Sharks and Sailors” with Cairo (a song by June Of 44 that really gets you going) made me realize what an inspiration it’s been being around Cairo for over seven years. In that time, I’ve seen his dedicated attitude toward life and skateboarding take him beyond boundaries I thought were impassable. In his journey to become who and what he is today, Cairo has had to overcome a troubled youth filled with turmoil and strife. He’s had a life of travel, new faces, and new friends, and he has touched the hearts of everyone who knows him–leaving people in wonder, as well as putting smiles on their faces.

If you ever see Cairo, go up and say, “Hi.” That is, if he doesn’t beat you to it. If you see him stressing, just understand he’s one of those people who gets a little mad at himself, ’cause he’s always trying to push it to the next level. Once Cairo has direction, he can do anything he puts his mind to. The process he goes through to accomplish any feat is rather remarkable. His motivation and pure soul will keep him young at heart forever. I owe him a lot as a friend, but he probably owes me more. Who cares, we’re having too much fun in life to think about it.