Caswell Berry Interview

All right, let’s do this. Do you live in the Tiltmode house?

No, I was going to move in there, but I decided not to because … (laughs) my mom needs me.

Plus, you don't have to pay rent.

Yeah, basically.

Is the Tiltmode house just ruckus all the time or what?

It's actually pretty cool, everybody chills out until it's time to party.

What's the most ridiculous Tiltmode party that's ever gone down? The cowboy party or the pirate party?

I'd say the cowboy party was gnarly, but I don't really remember much. I just remember passing out in front of the house.

When's the next party? Can we invite everybody who reads the mag?

Yeah, that would awesome. I think we're going to have an 80s ladies night where all the dudes have to dress up like skanky bitches. I don't think there's a date, the parties just come up when the time is right.

You just recently got on Toy Machine, how did that come about?

Ed called me and said that he saw my interview in Thrasher and he was really stoked. We talked about team stuff, and I decided to ride for him. I was a little bummed at first because I had to quit Powell and I have a lot of friends over there, but I'm stoked on Toy.

When is Ed going to give you a nickname or turn you into a cartoon character?

I don't know, he calls me the “Barley” of the group 'cause I'm always the last one up and the last one in the car. He also calls me the “Ber,” short for Berry, or just “Dingle.”

How did you get into skating?

One of my mom's friends basically gave me my first real board. It was a Santa Cruz dot board, and he cut it into a freestyle shape because I was real small. He brought by videos and stuff for me to watch, and built me a launch ramp.

Okay, we've got some little trivia questions here. Do you know who Jay Adams is?

Yeah, didn't he skate in the movie Hook?

Ha, no.

Oh, wait, that was Steve Olsen, the O.G. Steve Olsen. Jay Adams? Well, maybe I don't.

He was one of the original Dogtown rippers.

Oh, yeah.
Okay, who was the first person to do a kickflip?

Ahhhh, f–kin' hell, man. Damn it, I don't know.

Come on, freestyle dude. Didn't you see the new On Video?

No, I suck.

Rodney Mullen. All right, well, can you drop in on vert?

Hell yeah. Vert's fun. Me, Matt Eversole, Jerry Hsu, Mike Crabtree, and a couple other people have vert nights sometimes at the Vans park.

Nice, what tricks is Jerry Hsu breakin' out on the vert ramp?

He was trying hurricane grinds on that thing, and blunts to fakie. It was gnarly. And Matt can do backside airs–some gnarly stuff goes down.

I'm sure you've had this question before, but it seems like you blew up once you cut off your ponytail. Do you think the skate industry is prejudiced against the P.T.?

(Laughs) I don't know, it could be.

Does someone still have the ponytail?

I think my mom has it. We went and got it cut off, and I think she kept it.

You should autograph it and sell it on eBay.

That would be cool, I might do that. That shit's long as hell. It went down to the middle of my back. I seriously didn't cut it for like ten years. I used to have a mullet when I was really young, too.


I had long mullet hair in the back, but it was spiked on the top and I'd wear my leather jacket to school.

Oh, so you were the little kid with a “No Fear” mullet.


You know what would have been sick? You could have cut your ponytail into one of those long skinny rattails.

Oh, hell no. No way. Those things are horrible.

Okay, on a scale of one to ten, how mobbed is your kickflip?

Uh, I don't know. Do I have a mob kickflip?

Everyone has bad mob days.

Well, maybe a two on a bad day, but usually I'm all right.

What was the first skate video that got you pysched on skating?

I used to watch Blind's Video Days all the time. But Rubbish Heap was sick.

Whose part did you like in Rubbish Heap?

Dune, Chris Pastras. I watched a lot of Powell videos, too, Animal Chin and stuff.

All right, let's end this. Do you want to thank your sponsors?

Yeah, all of them.

Okay, maybe you should actually say them.

Sure. Ed at Toy Machine, Matt at Krux, Ian at Ricta, Rob at Bones Swiss Bearings, Ryan from Circa, Aaron from Dragon, Bob from Circle A skateshop, and Remy and the dudes from Volcom.