Chad Bartie Lets You Know What He Rides

I ride my New Deal pro model between eight and 8.25 inches wide, I go by feel really. Bigger boards feel more stable for me; if you sketch on a trick you’ve got a little more room to stand on. I like ‘”em with a bit of a bigger nose for tricks because I have bigger feet. I put my grip just straight on, no lines. I’m actually testing a new truck at the moment called Defiant; they’re from Australia. They’re still in the development stages, but I’m riding the medium-width trucks right now. I ride my trucks a little bit tighter than usual, I think my front truck is a little bit looser for some reason, I don’t know why. I’m a little lazy with my setups, I usually just want to throw it together and go skate.

I ride Accel wheels, 57 or 56 millimeter. They’re more practical for rougher ground and all-terrain, like skateparks. I prefer hard wheels, usually white ones. I’ve been using Speed Metal bearings. I skate Emerica shoes, the Andrew Reynolds shoe, because they’ve got the good heels. I used to always have problems with heel bruises, but these have the air cushion. I like skating everything, really: street, pools, I love mini ramps. Mini ramps are just easy to skate, and you can have so much fun with a group of people.


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