Chad Timtim

Chad Timtim

Who do you ride for?

World Industries, Globe shoes, Stüssy clothing, Darkstar wheels, Venture trucks, Lucky bearings, Nixon watches, and Active Boardshop.

What kind of name is Timtim?

Timtim is actually Chinese, but I’m half Filipino, half Irish. I don’t know how the name came about.

Do you ever get flak for it?

Yeah, all the time. Everyone says something. I’ve heard it all.

Do people call you Chadchad?

Yeah, they call me Slimslim, Timtim, Yumyum … there’s so many.

Where are you from?

Huntington Beach. I’ve lived here all my life.

Do you think growing up so close to the skateboarding industry has made it more accessible to you?

Yeah, definitely. Like, you see all the pro skaters around here when you’re growing up¿I remember seeing Jeremy Wray when I’d just started skating, and that made me want to skate even more. Kind of like at a demo, in a way.

How long have you been sponsored?

Geez. My first sponsor was H2O board shop, and that was like four years ago. And then I got on Globe shoes.

How did you hook up with Globe?

Chet Thomas hooked me up. We just started skating together through my friend Jeff, who used to film us. I showed him Chet some footage, we started skating, and then I got on.

So you guys just knew the same filmer?

Yeah, kind of … I met Chet through my friend Jeff.

Do you skate with Chet a lot now?

Once in a while, whenever he has free time. He’s so busy, though.

Has being sponsored helped your skateboarding?

When I got sponsored, I wanted to skate every day. Then I kind of got burned out on things like school, and hanging out with friends, and stuff, and I almost stopped skating. Then I started filming again, and skating, and just having fun, and I started getting back into it. I got on World Industries, and that hyped me up a lot¿it just started pushing me a lot more.

When did you get on W.I.?

I got on World in October 1999.

And how did that get hooked up?

I was on flow at Dwindle Distribution for a while; I was supposed to get on Deca at first and then, um, some things happened. Then they asked me if I wanted to get on World, and I was like, “All right.”

You said you get up early and go read, what do you read?

I read the Bible a lot.

Really? Has that had a big influence in your life?

Um, yeah, lately it has. It helps me deal with daily situations.

When did you start getting into that?

Probably right after I got on World Industries. I don’t know why. You’d think getting on World would do the opposite, but it just kind of happened that way.

Who introduced you to that?

I kind of grew up with it all my life, but, like, in high school I got into partying and doing crazy things, and that just kind of got crazy. Some stuff happened, and it scared me, so I kind of settled down.

Like what?

Like drugs, and stuff like that.

Is your goal with skateboarding to turn pro?

Yeah, I guess so. I think my goal is mainly to influence kids in a positive way and not just be in for the money. Just to have fun a lot, basically.

Have you talked to the World people about being pro?

They mentioned it and stuff, but, I think they said in about a year I might go pro. But I think it’s more if I feel like I’m ready, and if I deserve it. There’re certain people who turn pro right away, and you’re just like, “What have they done for the industry?” It’s kind of weird. I kind of wanna deserve it more. I want to earn it.

What do you think you have left to do to earn it?

A lot more. Get my name out there and be in magazines so people recognize me, so they know who I am.