Check Out Aaron Suski

Aaron Suski

Age: 23

Home: Summer¿Brooklyn, New York. Winter¿Tucson, Arizona.

Sponsors: 5boro, Volcom, Emerica, Circuit

Many years ago I was skating a spot very dear to me¿where it was isn’t important, what happened is. Not long into the session a tall human-like creature approached me out of nowhere with a woven blanket covering its head. I started to skate off, but soon found myself cornered by this thing. Fearing for my life, I gave it all the 5boro product I had. Setting up a board faster than humanly possible, this skate animal smoothly rolled away. In shock, it took me a moment to realize I’d just encountered Suskquatch¿a mild- mannered gentle skateboarding beast.

Legend has it that Suskquatch migrates between New York and Arizona in search of skate terrain to feed his insatiable appetite. He has been captured on film from time to time, but the authenticity of the images has been disputed due to their amazing content. I am a believer, though; I’ve seen with my own eyes what this creature can do!

My years of tracking Suskquatch have given me images to last a lifetime of him enjoying his natural habitat of skate terrain. So when you see that blanketed creature roll up, be ready to watch and cherish what you see. This is the legend of Suskquatch.¿Ben Wall