Check Out Alex Rothbuaer

Alex Rothbuaer

Age: 20

Home: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Sponsor: Wood Laminates

I’ve known Alex for a little more than a year, and in that time I’ve gathered a hodgepodge of incongruous facts, some of which I’ve assembled for you here: He’s been teaching himself how to play the drums, but he’s not working on rock beats or drum solos, he’s working on Salsa. He used to call frontside crooked grinds … backside crooked grinds. He hates when I shoot portraits of him. He helped design and oversee the construction of the best skatepark in Ontario (Shell Park). He can ollie really high. He can do pop-shoves just as high as he can ollie. He can do nollies just as high as he can pop-shove. His favorite word is “wicked.” He was the first one to grind the infamous Hydro Hideout ledge in Toronto.

When I asked him if he’d be interested in getting sponsored, he answered, “Um … I don’t know … sure.”

If Alex wants to make skateboarding his profession, he certainly has the ability to do so, but I don’t pretend to know Alex’s agenda. Perhaps you’ll see more from this talented Oakvillian, perhaps not. I suspect it’s entirely up to Alex.¿Scott Pommier