Check Out: Allen Russell

Age: Yes

Home: Tampa, Florida

Sponsors: Think, Venture, Adio, Counter Culture, World Market Skateshop/SkatePark of Tampa, LGI

Two hours south of Tampa, Florida is a town called Fort Myers. Many talented skaters have come out of this area, such as Elissa Steamer, Matt Milligan, Allen Russell, and many more are yet to come. Allen grew up skating with Matt and Elissa at the beach. After high school, Allen moved to Tampa, where at the time the skate scene was more promising. This was around the same period The SkatePark of Tampa was built and a bunch of skaters lived and partied there.

I met Allen when I moved to Tampa and started skating a lot. Allen was one of the few people who was always down to go street skating, so we ended up skating together all the time. He was one of those skaters on the down-low who ripped and got boards from some company.

Before I was old enough to get into clubs, Allen would always hook it up; he was known at K.O.Y. (King Of Ybor). He has since moved on from that scene and is currently shredding Woodward Skate Camp. Some of the funnest times of my life were spent living and skating with Allen. His skating will always inspire me.¿Ed Selego