Check Out Andre Genovesi

Check Out Andre Genovesi
Age: 20
Home: Irvine, California
Sponsors: Arcade, Autobahn, Droors (flow), Venture, Osiris

I went to work one day and saw a videotape sitting on my desk. It had the name “Andre Genovesi” written on it. I asked where it came from, and no one knew. So Jason Rogers and I sat down and watched it. We were baffled. It was by far the best sponsor-me tape we’d ever seen.

Andre is one of the rawest street skaters I’ve ever met. His determination is something special to view firsthand. The world will soon get its chance to see what I’m talking about. Stay tuned, ’cause “The Giant” is about to drop a bomb on the world of skateboarding!-Craig Glover