Check Out Benny Fairfax

Age: 21

Home: London, England

Sponsors: Stereo skateboards, à‡S shoes, We clothing

Agent Fairfax … hmmm … has an alter ego named Desmond. He came to the States from the south of London. He’s lived in the Caribbean and is a certified shredder.

The young buck was relatively unknown over here, but not anymore! His file came up on our desk by way of a Scandinavian mission involving We activists, a group which co-captain Jason Lee and I are charter members of.

His file included various European magazines (there’s actually an industry existing outside our bubble) in which Agent Fairfax had masterminded many documented missions and performed various stylish, powerful, and difficult maneuvers. The Agency was impressed to say the least. We then spotted the operative in action, grabbed old Greger’s belly, and said, “By Jovve, this kid has the Sound Agency flair!”

Agent Fairfax reminds me of what it was like to be a young operative dreaming up missions all day long without interruptions involving duties here at headquarters. Now there’re bills, telegrams, the advances put upon me by Nora in accounting, Bora Bora calling, the Cold War, meetings with Roosevelt … what I would give to be a sprite with just an ounce of Desmond’s focus!

Obsessed would be the word, and Benny is just that-the guy is beyond dedicated. He came and taught us what it was like to be a real skater again, and by golly, he even got better while he did it. Hats off to the cream of the crop. All hail young Agent Fairfax!

Ask not what the Sound Agency can do for you, but what you can do for the Sound Agency. Good day, gentlemen.-Chris Pastas, a.k.a. Winston Rothchild III