Check Out: Bert Tempraseut

Age: 17

Home: Santa Ana, California

Sponsors: Lethol, Axion, Speed Demons

Bert-Daddy, Bert-Mega … he has lots of names. His skating or style on any given day gives him his name. I’ve known Bert for a long time. Because we’re cousins and live ten minutes from each other, I’ve been able to see him progress. On and off his board, he’s definitely a character. Just run into him and you’ll know what I mean.

Skating comes naturally to him, along with other things as well. I’ve seen him learn new tricks in ten minutes just by looking through magazines and watching videos. Bert’s just begun, so you’ll see lots of him in the future¿he can do anything he wants with style. Recognize him now or later, because he has the potential to be the next legend in the making.¿Pat Channita