Check Out: Brian “Slash” Hansen

Age: 18

Home: Vista, California

Sponsors: Pig wood, Pig wheels, 88 shoes, Krew (flow), Active

First Favorite Skateboarders: Matt Mumford and Erik Ellington.

Favorite Skateboarders Now: Sammy Baca, Adam Alfaro, Omar Salazar, Tony Silva, and Bryan Herman.

The Best Video Seen Lately: Subtleties.

The Best Warm-Up Spot In The World: L.A. High or the Zero park.

The One Album That Never Tires: Girlschool, Hit & Run.

The One Trick You’re Going To Have By The End Of ’05: Backside crailslides.

If You Could Meet One Person For A Day, It’d Be: Cheech and Chong.

If You Could Skate Like Anybody, It’d Be: Matt Winterberg, Zero filmer.

Brian is the type of kid who’ll drink his own piss then drive your car through a fence while spitting loogies in your face. He ran through Pizza Port naked and has a tattoo that says “Live Fast, Skate Faster.” He’s pretty much failing life, but it doesn’t matter to him as long as he’s having fun, skating, and doing something totally random. He’s a piece of shit.-Fingerflip Sack