Check Out Clint Bond

Clint Bond

Age: 23

Home: Gold Coast, Australia

Sponsors: Time, Volcom, Vans, The Darkside skate shop

Everyone in Australia has a nickname. Say for example you got to know Clint as a friend, you’d call him “Bondi” (pronounced Bondeee!). Originally from Papua, New Guinea, Bondi can be found on a daily basis with board in hand, waiting in turn on the platforms of Pizzey Park, ripping up the street course, and causing general mayhem. But to see Bondi in his element, you’d have to catch him padless flying around the Pizzey bowl; this is where he flourishes.

Bondi is a top bloke, who has pride and loyalty. All of this can be seen in his love of skateboarding. He’s the type of skateboarder who’ll go all day, take a slam, brush it off like a fly, and keep skating.-Skin