Check Out Dennis Durrant

Age: 21

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Sponsors: Popwar, C1RCA, Ricta, Project Hardwear

Am Who Should Be Pro: Tony Tave!

Best Rapper Of All Time: Big L.

An Album That Never Gets Old: Dr. Dre, 2001.

Celebrity To Spend A Day With: Dave Chappelle.

Best Place To Crash/Couch Surf: Colty Bearz’s house is always a good time.

Dream Trip: An all-around-the-world trip with all my closest friends and family.

If You Could Skate Like Any Pro: If I could even do half the stuff Daewon does, I’d be stoked.

Life Lesson Learned From Skateboarding: Well, I think skateboarding teaches you a lot about life. I guess one thing I learned is that nothing comes easy. If you don’t work towards a goal, then you’re always just gonna stagnate. I would never consider skateboarding work, though.

When I pick up a magazine, I look at the cover photo and then flip through it from back to front. A lot of people do this. I know the editor and his staff work hard to deliver a great magazine, typically adhering to a format that begins with a nicely shot opening spread followed by some words from the editor about what skateboarding really means. The words tend to make a lot of sense, but if you read a magazine the way I do, you don’t quite make it there because you’re exhausted by the time you make it to the front of the mag. Just think of all the shoe ads you had to go through to get to there. Damn!

Thank goodness Dennis is on this page, a page that is at the end of the magazine, or as we unorthodox readers would say, the “beginning.” At the time of writing, it is unknown what photo will run alongside the text, but it’s not important. What’s important is that the photo paints an accurate picture. Dennis Durrant is a skateboarder. Simple as that. But if you spend some time getting to know this man, which you can, thanks to mass media, you’ll learn he’s a beast with uncanny skills on deck. With videos from C1RCA and Popwar dropping in 2006, you’ll get your chance to see what I mean.-Cairo Foster