Check Out – Devine Calloway

Devine Calloway

Age: 18

Home: Bakersfield, California

Sponsors: Chocolate, Venture, Gold, Elwood, Diamond

The Calloway kid is eighteen. He used to have dreadlocks and ride for City Stars, but he shaved his head right about the time he shed his sponsorship. He's always crackalackin' tricks with “Heathmo” Brinkley and stays true to his colors by sporting Axion shoes. He comes from a galaxy far far away, aligned with Pluto–he lives in Bakersfield, California. He commutes by train to skate L.A. and O.C. every day, so that he can skate with his friends. Most often you'll see him skateboarding in the company of Jameson Decew, Paul Rodriguez, Jeremy Holmes, Lee Smith, his friends back home, and his brother Everen. He reps Venture, Gold, Elwood, Diamond, and he's getting' flowed by the Chocolate Co. He would like to thank Speed, Kareem, Joey Suriel, Heath, Justin Williams, Sam Smyth, friends, family, and anyone who's lent a helping hand with his skateboarding–especially the man upstairs.–Sean Peterson