Check Out: Dominik Dietrich

Dominik Dietrich
Age: 22
Home: Telfs, Austria
Sponsors: etnies, Zero, Quiksilver, Thunder

Next country you want to visit: Ireland.
Tunes to get you hyped: Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash.
How you pass the time while injured: Enjoy life besides skateboarding.
Advice for skaters with girl trouble: Get over it and start traveling!
Video part you could watch everyday and not get tired of: The Dude, Walter, and Donny at the bowling alley.
Pools-for swimming or skating? Both.
Last am you saw killing it: David Gonzalez.
Ideal spring break: Somewhere in Oz-camping, booze, and barbecue.
What scares the crap outta you: Conhuir driving the van- watch out!
Daily skate crew: Whoever’s down to roll around.
Session killer: Spencer Eagles.
Who hooked you up: “The BO.”

DDDD=Quadruple D, Determined, Dominik, Dumpling, Dietrich, ladies and gents! Mr.D has been destroying Euroland for quite some time now and making himself known to be a force to be reckoned with. Don’t know what it is that makes this man abuse and annihilate spots the way he does. Is it the dumplings he cooks? Or does it have something to do with the ancient roots of one of the oldest countries in Europe? Dunno, it could just be the good vibals and energy that he contains toward skateboarding and life in general that makes him into a great humanoid on and off the board. DDDD is one epic fella! Take it away, Mr.D!-Arto