Check Out: Drew Dezort

Name: Drew Dezort
Age: 21
Home: Akron, Ohio
Sponsors: 1031 skateboards, Innes (flow), Adio (flow), Negative One, Underground Sports

Next country you want to visit: Somewhere in Europe.
Tunes to get you hyped: Black Sabbath and the Misfits.
How you pass the time while injured: Go out and film my friends.
Advice for skaters with girl trouble: The good comes with the bad.
Video part you could watch everyday and not get tired of: Jim Greco in Misled Youth.
Pools-for swimming or skating? Both.
Last am you saw killing it: Adrian Mallory at Tampa Am.
Ideal spring break: Chicks in bikinis.
What scares the crap outta you: Johnny Law.
Daily skate crew: Mario, Tom, Kristian, and the 1031 team.
Session killer: Bad attitudes.
Who hooked you up: Kristian Svitak.

Drew is from the wonderful land of Ohio. He grew up only minutes from where Devo is from! I think that should be enough said. And well, I guess all you kids want to hear that he rips and blah, blah, blah. Well, he does as you can see by the photos attached. That spot is so hard to skate! The ground eats you alive and can probably give you AIDS or something if you fall.-Kristian Svitak