Check Out: Dustin Charlton

Check Out

Dustin Charlton

Age: 23

Home: Hampton, Virginia

Sponsors: Status, F.K.D., Reaction Griptape, True Mathmatics, Axion (flow), Solid State Skate Shop, WRV

Dustin Charlton pisses me off! He doesn’t take skateboarding seriously at all. Doesn’t he realize that smiling all of the time and being nice to every skater he meets isn’t cool? I mean, come on. I saw him bounce down seventeen stairs on his head the other day, and he actually got up with a bump on his head and a smile on his face. What’s that all about? I tell you, it’s a shame that this guy is so good. He’s having too much fun and needs to realize there’s no place for that in this sport.

So next time you see Dustin getting his board taken by the cops in D.C., landing some crazy ledge tricks, or even slamming on some seventeen-stair rail, tell him to wipe that smile off his face and to treat this sport like the serious business it is.¿Josh Stewart