Check Out: Eli Reed

Eli Reed

Age: 19

Home: East Boston, Massachusetts

Sponsors: Vehicle skateboards, DVS, Venture, True East, Hubba wheels

First Favorite Skateboarder: Andrew Reynolds.

Favorite Skateboarders Now: Gino Iannucci, Donny Barley, or “someone like that.”

The Best Video Seen Lately: Clichà‡’s Freedom Fries.

The Best Warm-Up Spot In The World: Moonlight Beach.

The One Album That Never Tires: Beatles, Greatest Hits.

The One Trick You’re Going To Have By The End Of ’05: Switch flip nose manuals.

If You Could Meet One Person For A Day, It’d Be: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

If You Could Skate Like Anybody, It’d Be: Gino.

Growing up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Eli Reed traveled with a rat pack of twelve year olds and would be found wherever the session was. Whether it was a session at the Sea Bowl or the Fountain, the Rats were there ripping it up. At a very young age these kids had a free pass to any session in Boston. Through the years, Eli’s skating progressively stood out and his crew eventually got smaller. Then his family moved to East Boston where there were no skaters. Within a year or so, Eli traveled to all surrounding suburbs and found a whole new squad of rippers, and for the next two years, Boston was the training ground for the next generation of skateboarding: P.J. Ladd, Jereme Rogers, Ryan Gallant, and Zered “The Human Wrecking Ball” Bassett. After chewing up Boston and spitting it out, most were off to California, and again Eli was without a crew. Eli then expanded his view to bigger and better things and was off to NYC and right now is in L.A. You might not know who Eli is from his accomplishments on his board, but he doesn’t care-he’s another skater who uses his board to explore the world. Eli is an exceptionally rare breed of skater because he already appreciates what he’s received from his skating: friends, travel, and lifelong memories-as Eli would put it, “Good times.”-Robbie Gangemi