Check Out: Eric Obertubbesing

Age: 20

Home: Randolph, New Jersey

Sponsor: Unreal Skateshop

“He eats handrails for breakfast.”¿Kevin Ladisheff

“Oh, white boy? White boy good!”¿Ian Reid

“He’s good. He’s the man!”¿Brian Brown

“He’s the ill na-na.”¿Charlie Brown

“Eric’s got style, and he’s not afraid of a challenge.”¿Nesto Sutton

“I knew he was good the first time I met him. The ugly guys always are.”¿Anonymous

“He’s a well-rounded Hessian ripper.”¿Steve Wolfe

“He’s all about Dickies and Danzig.”¿Tim Achille

“He’s f¿kin’ gnarly!”¿John Yaropski