Check Out – Guru Khalsa

Guru Khalsa

Age: 19

Home: Houston, Texas

Sponsors: Creation skateboards, Satori wheels, Venture trucks, Planet Earth clothing, IPath

I just met Guru eight days ago, and he’s already become a good friend. He doesn’t stop asking hilarious questions like, “Do you think I can do laundry in Canada?” and, “Do you know what we’re doing?” He talks like he’s not into the way he sounds. All his video footy is sick, and his style is Mr. Clean. This Sikh is going places. I definitely doubt skating is the only feat that Guru will accomplish in his time-space.

Plenty of unbelievable skaters come from Texas, and Guru is one of them for sure. Next time you encounter a skater with a turban, see if it’s Guru; if so, watch for a least a second-it won’t be a waste of time, and most likely you’ll be impressed.-Danny Fuenzalida