Check Out: Jake Stewart

Age: 25

Home: Calgary, Canada

Sponsors: Media, Duffs, Venture, Prodigy, Counter Culture, RDS, Freestyle, Iron Horse, and Click

Starbucks and Sepultura are a good introduction for Jake Stewart. I’ve been filming Jake for numerous months now and can say there’s never a dull moment. He skates anything, anywhere, anytime, and loves skateboarding for what it truly is. He’s a Canadian powerhouse who wrecks shit to pieces, so don’t forget the name or face¿it’s only the beginning for Jake Stewart.¿Jerome Weightman

I’ve seen Jake around and skated with him the past two or three years, and from my standpoint he has the drive and the skills to be one of the next top pros. So next time you’re standing above a twenty-stair, saying to yourself, “What if?” don’t be surprised if you see Jake pushing toward it.¿Ronnie B.