Check Out Joel Meinholz

Check Out

Joel Meinholz

Age: 22

Home: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sponsors: Invisible, Tracker, DVS, BL Surt and Sport, Pervert

Hmm? Joel Meinholz, quite an individual to illustrate. No way could Joel be described in just one paragraph, so I will use the first three words that come to mind. Unique is the first word. The things that Joel must think about no one can possibly know, even himself. Versatile, number two. Put any object or situation in front of Joel and he will boot on by, I guarantee it. He has a tremendous ability to skate whatever he wants, whenever he wants, from ledges to rails to transitions, etc. Powerful is the last word I will use. Inside Joel lies more strength and aggresive energy than is even imaginable to most. Joel’s confidence with his skateboarding is apparent just in the way he stomps his tricks and the speed he stomps at them at. There you go. Joel is unique, versatile, and a powerful person–that’s one side anyhow.–Brian Brueck