Check Out – John Igei

Check Out John Igei

Age: 23

Home: Washington D.C. (Currently resides in San Francisco, California)

Sponsors: Aesthetics, FTC, Elwood, Autobahn

The first time I saw John, he was skating in a parking lot in Virginia and doing all kinds of crazy tricks on this curb. Anyone who's seen him skate can immediately tell that he has a unique talent. Throughout the years I've known him, I've seen John do some amazing things on a skateboard. He has incredible technical ability and very original style.

If you've ever had the chance to meet John, then you'll know that he's really not one to talk much–he lets his skating do that for him. He's a very modest guy, and I've never known anyone to not like and respect John as a person and a skateboarder.

John's skating and personality have made him one of the favorites to come out of the D.C. metropolitan area. He's since moved on to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he doesn't have to deal with bad weather or too many cops, but he'll always be a valuable part of the history of skateboarding in Washington D.C.–Jim Gordy