Check Out – Kristian Svitak

Age: 23

Home: Cleveland, Ohio

Sponsors: Black Label, Vans, Westside, Skates Of Cleveland

Imagine your name was Kristian Svitak back in third grade when your school peers were particularly venomous and hateful. Imagine the endless possibilities of fun they could have with the name-changing game¿”Kristmas Buttcrack,” or how about “Kristina Ballsack.”

Somewhere along the way, Kristmas Donkeysack found skateboarding and a group of social-misfit friends and they formed Team Insanity. Like an emotionally charged VH-1 Rockumentary, amidst hardship and a torturous youth, he not only excelled at the forbidden activity of skateboarding, he thrived and truly made it his own.

If I were the narrator for the Kristian Svitak Behind The Music Exclusive, there wouldn’t be the typical tragic story of his insane spiral into the underworld of reckless women and binges of booze. There would be all sorts of graphic depictions of his insatiable appetite to skateboard, how it consumed and ultimately destroyed him. Kristian is a true hesher and a glamrocker, and as the final credits roll in this disturbing emotional rollercoaster of a ride, his greatest song echoes “Damage Incorporated.” Kristian, rock on.