Check Out: Louie Barletta

Check Out

Louie Barletta

Age: 17

Home: Tantau Empire, San Jose

Sponsors: Maple Skateboards, Krux Trucks, Halos Bearings, NC Board Shop, The BMC

The recent demise of the San Fernando Camp Headquarters, not limited to but including Doug’s Shack, had for a short time left San Jose and its loyal neighboring cities without a collective power to hold the reigns and lead the city further into greatness through chaos.

From the scattered remains, a new power has finally stepped up to take hold of S.J. and is now mercilessly setting the whole damn city on tilt-mode. Lou Barletta is a proud member on the Board Of Directors in the Tantau Empire, and can be seen holding court nightly with his staff of advisors, including Dr. Ron Bacardi of Puerto Rican fame. Lou does his job and he does it well. He’s both poet and muse, predator and prey, king and dancing fool. His effort is almost as good as his nonchalance. Sweet Lou has arrived. Watch and learn.¿Marc Johnson