Check Out – Mark Gutterman

Mark Gutterman

Age: 18

Home: Aurora Hills, California

Sponsors: Santa Cruz, 88 Footwear, Billabong, Shorty's Hardware, I.G. Boardshop

Mark Gutterman, Mark Gutterman, Mark Gutterman. You should probably get used to hearing that name. He has a natural talent that shows his love for skateboarding. He and filmer Alex can sit in a room all day and just laugh their asses off, then go film the craziest trick and within three tries. Mark likes to listen to Spice Girls and gets pumped up to skate when he listens to Christina Aguilera.–Fabian Gosin

Every time this kid calls me, he's already done the trick we're about to go shoot. If he hasn't, he'll probably do it within three rolls of film. He usually doesn't roll with a posse, which is good in this day and age of getting kicked out of spots. He doesn't waste time, either. He'll warm up, and either the trick will go down, or he's back in the car within ten minutes without crying or complaining about the spot or his board. He definitely needs to work on the jittery steering, the broken back door, and the sounds emitting from his two-toned Mercury Topaz, though!–Joe Krolick