Check Out Matt Bennett

Age: 20

Hometown: Fullerton, California

Sponsors: Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Co.

Am Who Should Be Pro: Dylan Rieder.

Best Rapper Of All Time: The Grimes is the illest MC.

An Album That Never Gets Old: Black Celebration.

Celebrity To Spend A Day With: Ed T.

Best Place To Crash/Couch Surf: Wherever.

Dream Trip: To the moon.

If You Could Skate Like Any Pro: Peter Smolik.

Life Lesson Learned From Skateboarding: Never take anything for granted.

Have you ever downloaded a movie or a song from the Internet? You know how you just type in what you’re looking for and magically exactly what you want appears? Just click it and it’s yours, f-king free, with no drive to the store or money spent. Just sitting on your fat ass getting what you want. That is how I feel about Matt Bennett. It’s like I was able to type in these keywords: mellow to a fault, rips on all obstacles, tries hard wherever we go, doesn’t bother anyone, funny, down for any mission, inventive and creative with his trick selection, weird without trying to be. Then I just hit “return” and Matt B. was standing there saying, “Whatever, I’m down!” before I even put him on the team. I bet you wish you could do this to get girls, but you can’t.-Ed Templeton