Name: Matt Miller
Age: 22
Home: Sacramento, California
Sponsors: Zoo York, Independent, FTC, DC (flow), Hubba (flow)

What size iPod are you running, and what’s the last song you listened to: I got like three, one of ’em just busted and the other ones are still workin’ tight. Last song I listened to was “Severe Punishment” by the Wu.
Best video part of ’06: The Gonz in Krooked Kronichles.
What would you do if you got drafted for the war: Turn into Maverick.
Favorite person to film with: R.B., Chris Ray, and Mike Poore are always a good time.
Talk sh-t about someone: Matt Jones is the worst dude ever.
Now say something nice about someone: But Matt Jones is the best worst dude ever.
Last concert you attended: Raekwon.
Tour horror story: We were going like 110 miles per hour in a fifteen-passenger van in the middle of the night when we all got woken up by a semi truck honking his horn, flashing his lights, screeching on his brakes because our driver (Hector from Columbia, who’s a homey for life) was falling asleep and came within an inch of swerving into the trucker.
Favorite candy: Cow Tales.
Words to live by: F-k it, thug life.
Favorite TransWorld cover: Probably Kevin Taylor’s back noseblunt on the double table.
Who hooked you up: I guess Rob Welsh and pretty much the support of all the Aesthetics dudes.

I met Matt Miller about a year and a half ago on a Zoo tour. Besides him having mad pop and an ill style, he is a really cool kid. Be ready to see a lot of good stuff from Mr. Miller in the years to come. Get ’em, son!-Zered Bassett